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BrainFlips basics: Questions and Answers
Study groups are user administrated communities that allow users to more easily collect and share flashcard decks. Study groups can be public or private.
The Search box at the top BrainFlips pages searches a combination of flashcard deck title, description, and descriptive keywords. Advanced search will allow the user additional control over which data fields (title, keywords, description, are searched.
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A wiki flashcard deck allows any registered user to add, edit or remove cards from the deck.
BrainFlips only allows those who are thirteen years old or older to register. Click here to view BrainFlips use agreement.
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BrainFlips is an online resource for people to create and share flashcards containing text, images, audio, and video. It provides a wide variety of tools to facilitate learning almost any subject, including multiple modes of study, study groups, and artificial intelligence to help target study time to more difficult material so as to make learning more efficient. We are devoted to making the best learning tools on the web, and we will continue to add features to BrainFlips to make it the best it can possibly be.
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