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BrainFlips' flashcard builder and viewer are fairly large Flash-based programs that are best viewed on a high-speed internet connection. In addition, some flashcard decks contain a large amount of multimedia content and can load slowly. We are constantly working to minimize download times.
BrainFlips has been designed for use with Mozilla Firefox (3.X), Internet Explorer (6.0+), Apple Safari (3.X) and Google Chrome (1.X)
BrainFlips flashcard deck viewer and builder are Adobe Flash applications. Flash needs to be installed on all systems where BrainFlips is used. Please click here to install Macromedia Flash (it's free).
BrainFlips is designed for 1024x768 screen resolution or better.
The hardware requirements to run the appropriate browsers are sufficient to run BrainFlips.
You can click here or use the "Forgot your username or password" link immediately beneath the password text box to retrieve your username or password. Complete the form and your login information will be emailed to you.
Sometimes our activation emails get stuck in junk mail folders. If you've registered for an account and did not receive the activation email and it is not in your junk mail folder, then please email us at for assistance.
BrainFlips requires that cookies be enabled on your computer.
BrainFlips is only available online.
Not yet! Future versions of BrainFlips will be available for mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, etc . . .)
BrainFlips is a Flash-based site, and currently the iPhone does not support Flash. However, we are working to accomodate iPhone users with a version of the site that is iPhone compatible and iPhone apps to view individual decks.
In order for BrainFlips to function properly, JavaScript must be allowed in your browser settings.
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