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Viewing flashcards: Questions and Answers
BrainFlips flashcard deck viewer and builder are Adobe Flash applications. Flash needs to be installed on all systems where BrainFlips is used. Please click here to install Macromedia Flash (it's free).
The space bar or the enter key can be used to advance to the next flashcard.
There are two ways to preview a flashcard deck. From the flashcard deck profile page a 20 count list of question text and answer text is available to the user. Further, a flashcard deck can be viewed in Introduction mode where the user is presented each queston & answer set.
First check that system audio is available (speakers turned on, system mute is not enabled). Then make sure the flashcard viewer's audio capability is enabled; sound is toggled from a button in the upper right corner of the viewer, next to the Number of Cards count.
Ordered displays the flashcards in the order specified by the flashcard deck creator. Shuffle displays the flashcards in random order. SmartCards presents the flashcards in random order, but displays incorrectly answered cards with greater frequency than correctly answered cards. Note: SmartCards is not available in Introduction mode.
Click on "Card Order" drop down box at the top of the Question card to switch from Ordered to Shuffled or Smart Cards.
Click on the "Change Mode" Button beneath the response card to restart viewing in Introduction, Traditional, or Response mode.
BrainFlips will be adding the ability to print flashcards in a future release.
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