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Making flashcards: Questions and Answers
Frankly, this is a complex issue. Currently BrainFlips allows you to insert and view any character sets that you have installed on your computer - including foreign characters like Chinese. However, you may notice that if you attempt to view or edit cards on other computers that you are not able to see foreign characters. We are currently working to address this issue.
We encourage users to provide accurate keywords that describe flashcard deck contents. This information is helpful to the BrainFlips team in determining where best to put forth our resources.
Future release of BrainFlips will allow users to enter their own keywords. In the meantime, feel free to make keyword suggestions by sending an email to
Future release of BrainFlips will provide alternate deck creation methods, including the ability to upload flashcard decks from an Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet files. Stay tuned for details on these features.
You can only edit decks you have created, or "wiki" decks.
Go to the "My Stuff" tab to view your most recently created flashcard decks.
A user must be registered and logged into BrainFlips to create a flashcard deck. The "Build a Deck" button is located at the top of the BrainFlips pages, next to "Create a Group."
The soon to be released "clipboard" feature will allow users to copy flashcard decks and use them to create new ones.
Flashcards can include any combination of text, image, audio (.mp3 format), or video (.flv format). Soon we will be adding other multimedia file types, including .wav audio files and .avi video files.
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