About Us
BrainFlips, Inc. is committed to building the most user-friendly and effective flashcards anywhere, for students and self-motivated learners of all ages and academic levels. BrainFlips.com is your free one-stop source for flashcards on any subject. We offer tools and features unavailable anywhere else. Features include:
  • Full multimedia flashcards: text, images, audio, and video
  • Fun, easy to use interface
  • Outstanding community features like study groups and wiki flashcard decks
  • Multiple modes of study
  • Artificial intelligence that targets learning and makes study time more efficient
  • And much, much more!
In addition to the free BrainFlips.com website, we can provide your organization with the very best flashcard tools customized to fit your needs.
Who We Are
BrainFlips was started in 2006 by Pete Rau and Chris Rufe, who have been friends since their childhood days in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Even before BrainFlips, flashcards played a big role in their academic successes. Pete’s dad taught the kids math using homemade flashcards (including a nifty game called “Multipad” wherein Pete had to give the product of two numbers while his younger sister had to answer with the sum) and Chris used flashcards for a variety of subjects through his studies. Pete dreamed up the idea for BrainFlips while learning Spanish, and eventually decided to develop the idea into a full-fledged business.
However, the real brains behind BrainFlips reside in the heads of the BrainFlips team. Our employees, consultants, and advisors are remarkable individuals who continually provide the great ideas, enthusiasm, and hard work that drive the company and continue to improve the product. Their drive and ingenuity is the real reason BrainFlips is the best flashcard tool and resource available anywhere.
Want BrainFlips for your school? We offer customized, branded versions of our software for use within your school’s website, intranet, or electronic school community. A BrainFlips license offers the following advantages:
  • BrainFlips can be integrated into your school's internal website, with your school's colors & logo. Choose from several graphical and layout variants, or choose a fully-customized look.
  • Accessible to students of all ages.
  • Only content created by your faculty and students is present.
  • You control the advertising space. Your school can make money by placing local ads or place other information in ad space
  • Constantly improving and evolving software. All upgrades and support is included with your school's subscription
  • BrainFlips offers professional support services, including training and content development
Flashcards aren’t just for school kids. They’re a powerful and proven learning tool for efficiently learning information of all kinds. BrainFlips flashcards supplement your company’s existing learning tools and reduce training time, making your company’s investment in online training more effective.
Get the very best flashcard tools for your company's online training with NO development or support costs. All upgrades and support are included in the subscription cost.
Our flashcards can be support nearly any training module, and can be particularly effective for:
  • Test preparation
  • Certification preparation
  • Sales training
  • Customer support training
  • New employee training
  • Foreign language training
  • Any training requiring memorization of large amounts of information
We want to hear from you. BrainFlips is a community and we rely on your input to make it the very best it can be. If you have any complaints, suggestions, or ideas, please contact us at the addresses below: